söndag 12 september 2010

Vernissage på 591Photography

"My street is any street, anywhere. I am quoting something Simon has said about his work. I was moved watching these pictures. They´ve got something of "La Comédie Humaine" - they are Simon Johansson's pictures of you and me. The comedy, the tragedy of life.

Some of the strongest moments in this exhibition are about loneliness - but there are also the euophoric, jubilant moments of childhood, proud men at work and some excellent portraits of women. Sit back and enjoy the show. It is a permanent exhibition, so take your time and come back anytime to watch it again."
- Mr Urbano.

Idag öppnar min permanenta utställning på 591Photography. Det känns riktigt jäkla bra! Stort tack till Ulf Fågelhammar som lägger ner ett ofantligt jobb på att sprida ny fotografi till nätets alla hörn. Helt ideellt. Ulf, som även kallar sig Mr Urbano, startade och driver on-linegalleriet och fotobloggen 591Photography.

Utställningen "My Pictures of You" finns HÄR.

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