fredag 23 november 2018

Website update with photos from "A Familiar Place"

FINALLY! I've posted all the pics from my new photobook "A Familiar Place" on my updated website. And of course, you'll find the pics from my first book "Across the Bridge" there as well. Enjoy!

onsdag 21 november 2018

"A Familiar Place" is out!

Photo book "A Familiar Place" (Journal)
"Stockholm. It is impossible to evade your beauty, vulnerability and vanity. And your flaws. Your rottenness. I visit places where you bleed, I am there picking your scabs. Sometimes I grow tired of you and your easily broken promises. But I never give up on you. Your streets have always offered me direction. Walking here today, I stumble on old memories.”

"A Familiar Place" is about the everyday life in Stockholm. The photos are documentary and I’ve been working on this project 2005-2018.

66 b/w  images • Text by Simon Johansson • Translation to English: Maria Morris • Editing and design: Gösta Flemming and Simon Johansson • Hard cover • 220 x 250 mm • 140 pages • Swedish/English • 2018.

The book is available online:

Don't hesitate to contact me for a signed copy. I got a fresh delivery
in a banana box from the publisher today :).