torsdag 29 september 2011

"My Best Picture" på 591

Min bästa bild. Tror jag. Det kändes så när jag valde ut den i alla fall.

"My Best Picture" på 591Photography.

måndag 26 september 2011

"Monday Portraits"


Måndagsporträtt! Skicka in era porträtt till 591Photography och få en veckas visning på en väldigt välbesökt fotosajt. ---> HÄR

"Monday portraits. We are looking for a long term commitment with you dear readers of 591 Photography. Every Monday we would like to present two of your portraits that will be featured throughout the week. Studio portraits, street portraits etc...and please don't hesitate to test the limits of how a portrait should be taken.

We are looking forward to begin on Monday 3 October. So please start sending your portraits right away. If your photo is not selected on the first Monday - don't give up; there will be a lot of Mondays to look forward to. No deadline. This is an ongoing project."